West End Divers; Roatán, Bay Islands, Honduras

I've spent three months out of the past year in Roatán, Honduras, most of it either underwater or at West End Divers, where recently I completed my Divemaster certification.

It was seven weeks of training: at times frustrating, intense, challenging, but never anything less than a wonderful time, both underwater and on land. I've been welcomed on the island like family, both at the dive shop and also in the streets (LOLZ, street: There is only one street) of the West End, where I've got many friends but not nearly as many as Dragon a.k.a. Guapito.

To return to Roatán and see my name on the dive board, and to be met with hugs and hollering, felt fantastic. Roatán is a community unlike anything I've experienced in San Francisco, even more so now that San Francisco's tech culture is increasingly dull and stifling.

I feel fortunate to have Roatán in my life. I'm thankful for the friends I've made, the experiences I've had, and the future that the island will play in my life. Guapito's too.

First day back in the water after months on land!