Celebrating Dragon's fifth birthday with five weeks in the Caribbean

About two weeks down, three to go. Dragon took his first motorcycle ride, and loved it. I've made even more friends in the West End, but Dragon is still more popular and known. People I don't even know call his name as we walk down the street. I got my lionfish spearing license, but I haven't speared any yet this trip because the lionfish are getting smarter and going deeper to avoid divers. I've completed the majority of my Divemaster training. I've had one panicked diver situation, and it was resolved safely, but not before the diver ripped Devon's air supply out of her mouth. I calmed the diver, and we surfaced after a three-minute safety stop. I completed my deepest dive yet, 161 feet, with Tom, off the wall at Blue Channel. We encountered a Hammerhead in the deep, eight or nine feet long, just as we started our ascent. I might've missed the shark, being so fixated on safety because 161 feet is deep and dangerous, but I heard Tom scream underwater, so I was able to see the silhouetted shark, so beautiful. I've been doing about 75 hours per week at the dive shop, and typically three dives per day. Today is my first day free in more than two weeks on the island, but I hardly do anything here other than dive, so I showed up at the shop this morning at five-thirty anyway. That's my favorite time of the day here. It's usually just me, Dragon, Beast, John and/or Gary, and the ocean.

Five-thirty in the morning on the West End Divers dock with Dragon; Roatán, Honduras.