Teaching your dog to love the water

I don't think Dragon will ever love the water, but by the end of our trip he hated it less. Having a doggie life-jacket helped. Dragon is mostly lean muscle (fat = float, muscle = sink), and shih tzu aren't built for swimming, so without it I'm guessing he'd sink like a stone.

Every few days I'd take him out to the end of the dock, where together we'd get in the water. We started with a ten-meter swim, but within a week he was up to 100 meters. He got confused during his 100-meter swim and started swimming toward the wrong dock. When I tried to correct him, he got a bit panicky, but eventually he made it on his own, albeit without a smile on his face. Afterward, I'm pretty sure he didn't make eye contact with me for about 12 hours.

Dragon at the end of the dock, on Christmas morning, with HH's Baby Boo. 

Dragon after one of his swims or baths. I can't remember exactly. But clearly he got wet.