Taking your dog to Honduras (and then back into the United States)

I recently took my dog from the United States to Honduras, for 15 days. To get your dog into Honduras, you have to give two guys watching fútbol $25 while they pretend to care about your paperwork, which should include a health certificate ($150), along with updated vaccines for rabies and lepto (at least 30 days before travel, but within 12 months). The health certificate should be completed within 10 days of travel. It does not need to be endorsed by the USDA. To get out of Honduras, you'll need exportation paperwork and a local health certificate ($125), available via local vets, but nobody ever checked mine and I doubt they really do. Back in the United States, at customs, all I had to show was an updated rabies vaccine. Total cost, $300.

Dragon at West End Divers; Roatán, Honduras.