Killing lionfish in the Caribbean

Lionfish are an invasive epidemic throughout the Caribbean and also up and down the eastern seaboard of the United States. Marine biologists aren't certain how lionfish got introduced to the ecosystem, but theories include a hurricane that dropped them into the waters, or irresponsible pet owners who released them into the wild after the lionfish killed everything else in their tank. Because that's what lionfish do. They kill everything, disrupt the reef, and reef experts agree that they're better off dead. They have no natural predators, only humans. It's a bit of a rush to kill them, and with only a single spear, it's not all that easy. In fact, it's quite difficult. But a second spear speeds things along because you can re-spear what is already on your spear. That might make it a bit tougher to salvage filets, and lionfish are quite tasty, but at least they'll be dead.

Bryan and Darwin clean up the mess after Bryan killed 17 lionfish on two dives, on the south side of Roatán.