Homemade deep-sea submarine in Roatán, Honduras

Almost immediately upon arriving in Roatán, I started hearing about the quirky submarine captain, Karl Stanley, proprietor of Roatán Institute of Deep Sea Diving. Karl built a homemade submarine, with which he has executed a thousand or more dives, to depths that make most engineers cringe in fear: e.g. 2,000 feet below the surface, well below the reaches of natural light. Total darkness, in a homemade sub. Karl quoted $1,800 USD per person, minimum of two people, for a 1,500-foot six-gilled-sharks shark dive; and, for an additional $150 USD, we'd be able to bring along our own dead horse to feed the sharks. Karl's got a dead-horse guy.

Homemade submarine on the West End of Roatán, Honduras.