Diving at West End Divers; Roatán, Honduras

I went to Roatán, Honduras with the intention of traveling next to Útila, then Belize, Nicaragua, perhaps even Costa Rica. For 25 days, I never left Roatán. With the exception of two hours snorkeling in the West Bay, I almost never left the West End, and with the further exception of three or so bars, I almost never left West End Divers, where I did 60+ dives for a total of 58+ hours underwater. My favorite dive sites were probably West End Wall, Hole in the Wall, Canyon Reef, Blue Channel, or anything with narrow swim-throughs, canyons, or caves. I saw countless Hawksbill sea turtles, king crabs, spiny lobsters, spotted eagle rays, giant green moray eels and groupers, a few southern stingrays, a hammerhead shark, a nurse shark or perhaps it was a reef shark, a few Caribbean reef squid, a few octopuses on the night dive, along with bioluminescence and string of pearls, three different long-snout seahorses, and unfortunately too many venomous lionfish; although, I did get the chance to spear a few lionfish, and I even fed one to a grouper.

After my first lionfish kill (L-R): Mike, Ash, Me, Tania, Stephanie, Debby.

In 25 days, it rained for maybe 20 minutes, and half of that was as I was leaving the island.

My final dive was amazing (thanks, Mike, Tania, Stephanie, and Debby): spotted an eagle ray on the descent, lionfish killings, giant morays, an unexpected seahorse, and a final eagle ray during the ascent.

I dove a lot of what is on that list, and more. Loved every minute of it.

Tania, Alex, Me.