Ansco 50 (110 film camera) in San Francisco

For $5, I bought an Ansco 50, which is a 110 film camera from the 1980s. It's actually more like half of a 110 camera, the body itself so small that the film cartridge sticks out the side of the camera. I carried it around San Francisco for a week or two, with disappointing results.

I did not have high expectations. There is no real viewfinder, no adjustable shutter speeds, no adjustable aperture. None of which you'd expect in a 110 camera, but still. I used 100 speed film, Lomo. I think the shutter speed is 1/100 seconds, but I don't know the aperture: f/8, f/11?

The results were even worse than I expected. Not a single decent photo, except for perhaps the first one, which isn't even really a decent photo but I enjoy it for its accidental nostalgia factor.

Sutter and Larkin, San Francisco. Aiming with the Ansco 50 was imprecise. I tried to take a photo of HH, but she didn't even make it into the frame. I aimed too high, and instead ended up with a photo of an apartment building that by chance happens to hold some sentimental memories for me; fun times, fun times, bad photo (but still probably the best on the roll).

Dragon, waiting while I get myself a latte at Baker and Banker; Pacific Heights, San Francisco.

Rooftop in Nob Hill, San Francisco.

Perhaps the worst contact sheet in the history of photography. It's so bad, I'm not even embarrassed. The Ansco 50 was fun to shoot, but the results are so poor that I wouldn't be surprised if it never gets used again. If I do, I'll have to figure out the shutter speed and aperture and be a bit more careful about not wasting the effort.