Drinking homemade rakia (Bulgarian moonshine)

My friend Diana (Диана) is from Bulgaria but lives in London as a nanny. She introduced me to rakia, the national drink in Bulgaria, where her father still lives. He made 300L of rakia to last the winter. Diana brought a handful of those bottles back to London.

Rakia is most commonly made from grapes, apricots, or plums. The rakia we drank was made from only grapes, and it tasted quite good, although my hangover the next day was a bit aggressive (more likely due to quantity than quality). Similar to what I experienced in Russia with vodka, it's culturally important to eat a small snack after shooting or sipping rakia. We ate Bulgarian cheese (Kраве сирене) and British crumpets.

Diana, smiley after a few shots of rakia.

Kраве сирене (Bulgarian for cow's cheese), like feta but tastier.

Homemade rakia, bottled in an empty bottle of cheap Bulgarian beer.

Drinking homemade rakia.