Belgian bar crawl [#1]: A la Bécasse

First stop on my Belgian bar crawl in Brussels: A la Bécasse

My brother Doug recommended this bar, along with most of my stops along the way. A la Bécasse is famous for its waiters dressed a bit like monks serving the house beer, Lambic Doux, which was maybe too sweet for me. It tasted like I was drinking a gummy beer. Not a bad beer, just not my favorite, and the only beer in Belgium that left me even mildly disappointed.

A la Bécasse, Taborastraat 11; Brussels, Belgium.

The entrance to A la Bécasse, down that small, dark corridor.

Lambic Doux, the house beer, is served in stone jugs.

If you didn't know to look, you'd never expect to find a great bar down this corridor.