Belgian bar crawl [#6]: Goupil Le Fol

Sixth stop on my Belgian bar crawl in Brussels: Goupil Le Fol (The Mad Fox)

Goupil Le Fol was my favorite bar in Brussels. It didn't have an amazing selection of beers, but the atmosphere was so unique, and the music (French, English, et cetera) was all fantastic.

I would have stayed here for hours had I not already been drunk, hungry, and increasingly sleepy sitting on the comfortable furniture inside the warm bar. This wasn't the final stop on my tour. There would be at least two more bars, maybe three, but by then my phone was dead and I can't remember any of the specifics. So for all intents and purposes, the bar crawl blogging ends here.

When I finally wrapped up the bar crawl for real, I walked to my hotel through a heavy, falling snow, feeling fortunate to experience Belgium in such weather. It was really quite beautiful.

Goupil Le Fol, my favorite bar in Brussels.

Belgoo, not bad.

When you're a drunk California boy, and there are a few different pita places from which to choose, you're always going to choose the one with HELLA in the name.