Walking through Moscow

I spent my first day in Moscow walking, first with my friend Саша (Sasha), and then with Аня (Anya). “I’ve walked like this, probably never,” Саша said, as we walked through Red Square, past the Kremlin, toward the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, and then on toward Old Arbat Street, the walking street in Moscow that is more famous for what it used to be (trading street, dating back to the 15th century) than for what it is today (unremarkable, touristy street). I ate some борщ (borshch, beetroot soup), probably the best борщ I've tasted, but I chalk at least some of that up to the fact that it was hot soup after hours walking in sub-zero temperatures.

Near the Kremlin; Moscow, Russia.

Of course, a toy AK-47; Old Arbat (Арба́т) Street; Moscow, Russia.