Paris cheese shop: Fromagerie Quatrehomme

Fromagerie Quatrehomme came recommended as the best cheese shop in Paris.

Inside, the choices are overwhelming, as was the stench from each of the two cow cheeses we chose with the help of perhaps the friendliest woman in Paris (Parisians, not exactly fiercely competitive in that department). One of those cheeses was made with Champagne. It smelled awful, and it didn't suit my taste when eaten alone; however, with some bread from Poliâne, it was a bit more likable. But nothing could match the decadence of the black truffle goat butter.

OK, so, full disclosure: I ate the black truffle butter, and thought, Wow, this cheese tastes exactly like butter, which at the time didn't entirely make sense because the woman who sold it to us said a few different times that it was cheese, the best of the season. Then I realized, when I looked at the photo and saw "beurre," that perhaps beurre means butter; and, yeah, it does.

Fromagerie Quatrehomme, Paris: 62 rue Sèvres, 7ème.

Le beurre truffle noir (black truffle butter), from Fromagerie Quatrehomme. Incredibly good.

Champagne cheese: Le Langres au Champagne.

妹妹 sampling some Guinness cheese, which was excellent, better than any of the cheeses we bought.