Notre Dame de Paris (Notre Dame Cathedral)

I visited Notre Dame de Paris, because, you know, you're supposed to and all; besides, it is right there, free, and why not. Well, I can think of at least one reason why not: Cathedrals are boring, and a bit oppressing. But it was a nice enough stroll through the church, and I got to practice my Chinese characters a bit. That's why most people visit Notre Dame Cathedral, yeah?

It looked like some sort of manger soon, for Christmas. I don't know.

Apparently this is Saint Denis, the first bishop of Notre Dame Cathedral, and according to the church, which states this as fact, he was decapitated in 257, in Montmartre, by a Roman governor, at which point "he got up, walked six kilometres with his head in his hands, and gave his head to a Christian woman before collapsing on the ground." Yeah, OK.