My final day in Paris

It was a rainy day in Paris. I drank a pistachio latte, ate at two of my favorite bakeries in Saint-Germain des Pres (Carton, chorizo bread; Mark Kayser, baguette with chicken, lettuce, sundried tomatoes, and mayonnaise), mailed a letter at the post office, ate some Vietnamese food (spicy beef Bún bò) on rue des Grands Augustins after I was unable to eat the foie gras at the tavern on Pont Neuf because it was too early in the day and closed, drank more espresso, had a vanilla macaron and a bite of a rose one, and then I called it a day. I had a bit of difficulty finding the right train to the airport, because the train workers are on strike, so the platforms and information were all mixed up. I get the sense that Parisians do not enjoy working.