Maison Morange, 123 rue Mouffetard; Paris, France

To cure my hangover today, I walked through the markets of Rue Mouffetard, in the Latin Quarter of Paris. When I first passed Maison Morange, the line was long enough to make me take notice, but too long for me to want to stand in line and wait. When I passed it again about an hour later, the line had doubled in size. At that point, I knew the place must be special with locals. With so much street food and so many boulangeries in the area, I figured people wouldn't wait in line unless it was worth the wait. I tried to buy sourdough bread, but I didn't see any, and I struggled to ask for it in French, so instead I just pointed at whatever was closest. It all looked amazing.

Fresh bread. It was excellent.

Maison Morange, 123 rue Mouffetard; Paris, France.