Le Bar du Marché; Saint-Germain-Des-Prés

Sunday in Paris. Lots of stuff is closed. Today I was armed with a long list of recommendations, but I struck out five times before settling on Le Bar du Marché, where I had a beer but didn't eat. I'm not even sure if Le Bar du Marché has food. I later got beef shawarma takeaway, but not before unsuccessful attempts at La Taverne Saint-Germain (beer bar, boulevard Saint-Germain), Positano (Italian, rue des Canettes), Bartolo (Italian, rue des Canettes), Sip Babylone (French, boulevard Raspail), and Wabosso (Korean BBQ, rue des Ciseaux).

Le Bar du Marché.

Wel Scotch, a Scottish ale from Brasseries Kronenbourg in Strasbourg, France.