Eating Vietnamese, and speaking Chinese, in Paris

After a day of too many breads, pastries, and a late-night walk through Marais and the Louvre and along the River Seine, I craved both sleep and Asian food. I told myself that if the Asian restaurant on my street was open, that I would get some pho; if it was closed I would just go to bed. It was open, and the owner, Li, from Cambodia, recommended I try the bún bò beef instead of the pho, because it came with spring rolls and included a more generous portion. 妹妹 told me not to expect any decent Chinese food in Paris, but the Vietnamese was quite good.

Li asked me what I was doing in Paris, et cetera, and I told him that I was visiting my Taiwanese friend. He asked if I spoke Chinese, and we spoke Mandarin for a few minutes. I didn't expect to come to Paris and speak French, but I didn't expect to speak more Chinese than French.

Restaurant Pagodon, 21 rue des Grands-Augustins, 75006 Paris. My first panoramic photo with iOS6.

Bún bò beef, with spring rolls.

Li, the restaurant owner, from Cambodia.