Xiangqi (象棋): Chinese chess

You’ll see Chinese chess played throughout China, at all hours, day and night: at its temples, teahouses, in the streets, in the hutongs of Beijing. Chinese chess is called Xiangqi (象棋), which translates literally as Elephant (Xiang: 象) Game (Qi: 棋).

Chinese chess a.k.a. Xiangqi being played at Daci Temple in Chengdu; Sichuan province, China.

Xiangqi being played on the streets of Beijing; Xiangqi translates as Elephant (Xiang) Game (Qi).

Zhongguo Xiangqi: Zhong (中: Middle) Guo (国: Country) Xiang (象: Elephant) Qi (棋: Game); “Middle Country” is the literal translation of China; the United States of America translates to Chinese as Mei (美: Beautiful) Guo (国: Country).