Walking around Shanghai

The typhoon has dissipated, and the rain is gone, but the humidity has gone nowhere.

Today I walked around the Shanghai Bund, a waterfront district with a colonial feel. I prefer Beijing to Shanghai, but I've seen maybe one-tenth of one percent of Shanghai, or perhaps not even that much; granted, I've also seen only a fraction of Beijing, but Beijing has more tradition, whereas Shanghai is more about today and tomorrow, a city of international ambition.

I visited Nanjing Road, a mostly pedestrianized shopping street that supposedly is one of the busiest shopping districts in Shanghai, and therefore the world. I was unimpressed. A few Chinese tourists asked me to take photos with them, presumably because they're from provinces where foreigners are a novelty. When I wasn't having my photograph taken, I was getting harassed by those hawking handbags, hookers, and even hash, which I would not have expected in Shanghai. One woman even tried to sell me a tattoo, for my other arm, and she promised me a good price. "Much cheaper in China, and very fast, any size. For you and your wife."

I also spent a few minutes in the Shanghai Museum. I saw some ancient paintings and calligraphy, ranging from hundreds of years old, to a thousand years or more.