Teahouse at Daci Temple; Chengdu, China

After a morning at Wenshu Temple and then People’s Park, I visited the teahouse at Daci Temple. As soon as I arrived at the temple, the woman working the ticket window handed me a bottle of water because of how much I was sweating from the intense heat and humidity. A free bottle of water, and an entrance fee of only 3 RMB ($0.47 USD). While on the topic of RMB: China was the first country, and Chengdu one of the first cities, if not the first city, to use printed currency.

The areas surrounding Daci Temple are under heavy construction, so it’s not until you reach the rear of the temple, where the teahouse is located, that you can find some peace and quiet; although, to be fair, it is not exactly quiet. The teahouse buzzes with Chinese life: folks drinking tea, smoking cigarettes, reading newspapers, playing games, probably gossiping, fanning themselves to fend off the heat; and, staring at me, the only non-Chinese person in the teahouse.

There was no chrysanthemum tea, so instead I drank green tea, which is all that was available.

Green tea; Daci Temple teahouse, Chengdu.

Life at the Daci Temple teahouse; Chengdu, China.

Daci Temple teahouse shortly before closing time.

I made a friend at the Daci Temple teahouse in Chengdu; this guy was so happy when I asked if I could take his photograph.

Chengdu, renowned for being one of the more laidback cities in China.

Chinese chess; it is called Xiangqi, and it translates as Elephant (Xiang) Game (Qi).