Sichuan street food in Chengdu

Today, in Chengdu, I sampled baozi, a dumpling filled, in this instance, with beef, a bit spicy, and delicious. My friend Hui bought it for me. The larger dumplings (dabaozi) are 2 RMB per dumpling, and the smaller dumplings (xiaobaozi) are 6 RMB for eight dumplings.

Beef dumpling (baozi) in Chengdu; Sichuan province, China.

Baozi for sale, in Chengdu.

Beef, a bit spicy, and completely delicious.

My friend, Yuan Hui, originally from Nanchong but living in Chengdu; she is a 22-year-old accountant, and I am the first foreigner with whom she has ever spoken.

These are the pork dumplings, which I tried on my second visit.

I asked to buy two dumplings, and was handed a bag of eight dumplings, the minimum, for less than a dollar.

Pork baozi; Chengdu, China.