Piss and shit in the streets of China


If you close your eyes and focus on the word, its two syllables – hy-giene – it sounds as though it could be a Chinese word, and maybe it is; and, if it is, I’m guessing it might translate to something along the lines of, “It’s totally cool to just let your baby piss and shit everywhere in public: on the sidewalk, in the streets, or on the promenade at the zoo, even if there is a public toilet only meters away; and, to make it easier, you should dress your children in clothes with split seams, so that no time is wasted in your filling the streets with piss and shit.”

It’s amazing that, with Chinese, you can say so much with only two syllables.

Typical baby clothes in China.

Seen a few days later in Chengdu: "Let's build the hygienic city, Our healthy Cheng Du."