Hangzhou, China (杭州, 中国)

Today I took a day trip from Shanghai to Hangzhou (杭州), once the most populated city in the world. Today, it is 8.5 million people, and only the sixth-largest city in China.

By Chinese standards, Hangzhou is practically a village.

I didn't see much except for West Lake, but I wasn't exactly wowed by what I did see, and West Lake is Hangzhou's most famous attraction. Don't get me wrong. It's nice. It's a lake. But, it's a lake. There is also a famous tower there; however, the original pagoda was destroyed, and what you see today, with the exception of the original foundation, was all rebuilt in 2002.

Chinese photographer in Hangzhou, China.

Leifeng Pagoda, in the distance; Hangzhou, China.

Passengers at the Hangzhou Railway Station.

Outside of the Hangzhou Railway Station, in eastern China.

Bullet train between Hangzhou and Shanghai.

I took this bullet train from Hangzhou to Shanghai, and it reached 314km/h (194mph).

Housing across the canal and behind the railway station in Hangzhou, China.

David and Alisa, two friends met today in Hangzhou; David teaches math, and Alisa teaches English, although Alisa said that today was the first time that she has ever spoken English with a foreigner. They are both from Quzhou, China. David did not have an English name until today, when he asked me to give him an English name. I considered Larry, but settled on David.