Finding peace and quiet at Jiuzhaigou; Sichuan province, China

Finding peace and quiet at Jiuzhaigou can, at times, feel impossible. Jiuzhaigou is one of the most beautifully scenic places you could imagine, but it feels as though each of China's 1.3 billion citizens is walking the paths alongside you. But, nearing the end of the day, and perhaps even throughout the day, peace and quiet can be found on the southernmost walking trails, because by that point most of the major sights have been seen, so the majority of tourists, nearly all of them Chinese, are back on the buses en route to the park entrance at the bottom of the mountain.

The waterfalls might not be as large, and the waters might not be as freakishly blue, as they are farther up the mountain, but after a day rubbing elbows with too many people, I was glad to find a moment's peace; and, let's be honest: It's not like these waterfalls are unimpressive.