Evening tea in Shanghai

After a few post-typhoon days in Shanghai, the city has started to grow on me.

I ate dinner of poached broccoli in soy sauce, beef filet with onions in a sweet sauce, and steamed white rice, at a traditional Hong Kong diner, where my friend and I shared a table with two young girls whose side of the table was filled with about a half-dozen different dishes: from eggs and shrimp, to chicken wings, to what appeared to be mozzarella sticks.

Afterward we visited a British teahouse, where we sat in wicker chairs and discussed the first and second Opium Wars, and the history of Shanghai. I drank vanilla-cream black tea, and we ate scones and cakes and cucumber sandwiches and cookies, my favorite of which was a crème-filled cookie flavored like Earl Grey tea. In this teahouse, It was easy to forget that China is just outside. The only giveaway was a small exit sign that included a few Chinese characters. Otherwise it could have been central London.

Cha’s Restaurant, in Shanghai, is styled as though from the 1950s, but the diner is actually only a few years old.

A small slice of England, in China.