Enjoying some solitude at Jiuzhaigou; Sichuan province, China

It is nearly impossible to get even a few minutes alone at Jiuzhaigou National Park. There are just that many Chinese tourists. If you're lucky, you might a footpath with nobody ahead, and nobody behind, but expect that to last for no longer than one minute, or two if you're lucky.

At the northernmost part of the Primeval Forest (原始森林; Yuánshǐ Sēnlín), which I’m guessing in Chinese translates to something more along the lines of Screaming Forest, visitors to the ancient woodlands unleashed primal screens, shattering any sense of serenity.

An empty footpath is an extremely rare sight at Jiuzhaigou.

In the southernmost portions of Jiuzhaigou, later in the day and perhaps even throughout the day, it is possible to enjoy some scenery without being surrounded by thousands of other tourists.

Taken from a lower elevation in Jiuzhaigou, more than halfway toward the bottom of the valleys.

Waterfalls in Jiuzhaigou, China.

Jiuzhaigou is remarkably clean, thanks in part to this friendly panda seen near Nuorilang Falls, at the base of the Rize and Zechawa valleys in Jiuzhaigou, China; I’m not positive, but, check out the bottom-right-hand corner of the rock: Is this message brought to you by Kodak?