Driving in Chengdu

The only city where I have felt less safe as a pedestrian than in Chengdu is perhaps Taipei, where there are probably more motor scooters than rats and people combined. In Chengdu, the drivers don't give a fuck. One-way street. Who cares. Traffic light. Who cares. Pedestrians. Who cares. On my way home from hotpot today, I saw a heated conversation simmering to a boil, after one car had rear-ended a taxi.

Taxis are remarkably easy to hail in Chengdu. I've found, more often than not, that if I have the address written in Chinese, I'll be OK. One time the driver was unable to read the address because his eyesight was poor, so I took a photo of the map, and enlarged it until he could read the address. When I was able to recognize the streets, I was able to use my limited Chinese to tell him, “Go straight ahead.”

Map of Chengdu.