Cute dogs in Chengdu

Chengdu might not have as many cute dogs as Beijing, but with Chengdu being famous for its relaxed lifestyle, perhaps Chengdu dogs are happier?

Dog riding in basket; Chengdu, China.

Street dog in Chengdu, China.

I saw these two guys after I turned down a wrong alley near Xiaonan Street, while on my way to the Green Ram Temple teahouse, which I never visited because shortly before arriving I decided instead to hop in a taxicab and return to Daci Temple teahouse, so that I could get some Chinese dumplings nearby Daci, but the taxi driver was unwilling to drive me to Daci because so many roads were closed, he said for some sort of Japanese festival, I think, so instead I asked him to take me to the Wenshu Monastery, so that I could visit the teahouse there, but I was told when I arrived that there was no teahouse, although I know that there used to be one there, so I hopped on the metro for a few stops, and then walked another 30 minutes, and finally made it to Daci Temple, and yes, I got my dumplings, and how was that for a caption?