24 hours in Beijing

With only 24 hours in Beijing, but no touristy sights left on my checklist, I decided to spend most of my time wandering the hutongs. I revisited Nanluogu Xiang, which although touristy is good for a quick jaunt, and I followed that up with some of the hutongs near the Drum and Bell towers, including North Luogu, before looping around back to Di’anmen East Street via Baochao Hutong.

After wandering the hutongs for a few hours, I treated myself to a body and foot massage before waking up at 3:30 a.m. to see the raising of the Chinese flag at Tiananmen Square at sunrise.

Nanluogu Xiang is more famous than other hutongs, but the hutongs immediately to the north, including North Luogu, are more authentic and interesting; Nanluogu Xiang is full of tourists, and touristy trinkets and tea shops, but North Luogu is full of Beijingers being Beijingers.

Baochao Hutong, where I ate fantastic dumplings for lunch.

With my Chinese friend, Judy, at 9 Dragons in Beijing.

With my Chinese friend, Hui, at 9 Dragons in Beijing.

Before leaving China, I spent my final RMB on some oolong tea cookies and jasmine tea cookies.