Lazy days (and nights) in London

I've been in London now for six nights, and I think I've set my personal record for most amount of time spent in a foreign country without actually doing anything of significant interest. I've spent most of my time eating nice meals, and occasionally walking around the city, or reading.

Yesterday I had lunch on the top floor of the Tate Modern, with a view, over the River Thames, of the Millenium Bridge and St. Paul's Cathedral. I wasn't able to explore the museum yesterday, and I've visited the Tate Modern previously, over the summer, but I may try to visit again tomorrow because there are two new exhibits since my last visit: Yayoi Kusama; Alighiero Boetti.

Despite my relative laziness, I have managed to explore parts of London that I've never before experienced, specifically the outskirts of southwest London, where with a friend we drank wine while trespassing through the yards of some English manors in the suburbs of Richmond.

Richmond is like a postcard, so if you have a bazillion dollars and are looking for somewhere nice to raise a family, you might want to consider the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

Walking across Tower Bridge; London, England.