Kensington and Chelsea; London, England

Stanford Road, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea; London, England.

It has been about seven months since I was last in England, but before that it had been more than 15 years. I visited London a few times during my youth because my wonderful aunt, uncle, and cousins lived here, on 48 Stanford Road, in what is either south or southwest London.

When I was in London in August, I visited Stanford Road, which without a map was tough to find. I thought that I'd be able to get off at the appropriate tube stop, and rely on my brain's muscle memory to get me back there, but it was not quite as easy as I expected. I stopped into a post office, and asked if they could point me in the right direction, but they looked at me as though my request was foreign, and sent me on my way. Eventually, I found it, and was disappointed to see that the trademark red door to their flat was no longer red, but instead a dull blue.

I took these photos back in August, with an expired roll of film that I'd purchased in London for a pound, or maybe two pounds. The film had expired more than six years earlier, in April 2006, but I think it still produced nice contrast. I'm not sure if color film would have held up as nicely. I took the photos to remind me of some of my favorite childhood memories of London, which at the time felt like one of the most foreign places imaginable, whereas now it feels so familiar, almost no different than home, except with more tea, higher prices, and brighter busses.

Leica MP camera, Leica 35mm Summilux ASPH lens; expired Ilford FP4 125 B&W film.