Banksy in Beijing, China?

I wouldn't be too surprised to see a Banksy piece in China, and the 798 Art Zone (i.e. Dashanzi Art District), where I spotted the piece below, makes sense as a canvas, because it's the heart of the progressive contemporary art culture in Beijing; however, from my limited exposure to Banksy, I'd be more inclined to say that this is the work of an imitator. Dozens of Chinese people walked by without notice, but as soon as the white guy started taking photos, a few followed suit.

Banksy lookalike in Beijing?

Perhaps the artist's name is Shuo (painted in blue)?

The Chinese characters: "No painting on this wall, or you'll get your ass kicked!"

Definitely not Banksy, and also not at 798. I spotted this small piece in Beijing, exactly where I don't remember. The Chinese characters are a signature [i.e. Made by (artist's name)].