Traveling in the shadow of disaster and conflict

Before I visited South Korea it was shelled by North Korea during a conflict in the Yellow Sea; shortly before visiting Russia there was a terrorist attack, a deadly bomb at one of Moscow's four international airports; shortly after leaving Japan there was the nuclear disaster; the day after I left Malaysia there were violent protests; I was in London for the riots and looting; days after returning home to the United States there was an earthquake followed by a deadly hurricane; and, a few weeks before that, after leaving Hasselt, a small city in Belgium, there was a deadly stage collapse at a music festival there, where my friend Daan's band was scheduled to play.

What a strange set of coincidences.

My friend Daan and his girlfriend Loesie, on their rooftop porch in Hasselt. Photo taken with Kodak Ektar 100 film and Rolleiflex TLR with Tessar lens (built in Germany, circa 1954-56).