Street photography: East London (Brick Lane)

Yesterday I started my day with a visit to the Museum of London for its London Street Photography exhibit. It was well done, with history and photos dating back more than 150 years. There were old cameras on display, along with explanations detailing how photography technology changed, especially in its early years, allowing shorter exposure times and the birth of street photography. Earlier cameras required such long exposure times that movement could not be frozen on film, so these early photos rarely featured people, unless those people stood still for minutes on end. But with shorter exposure times came the birth of street photography.

Afterward I visited East London, specifically Brick Lane, where I was able to put a modern face on some of the history I learned at the Museum of London. Some of the more influential street photography in the 1960s in London took place on Brick Lane, and there were many photographs in the exhibit from East London. I explored East London on foot for a few hours, and ate some wonderful curry for cheap: five pounds, ninety-five P for a three-course lunch.