Pergamon Museum

Today I visited the Pergamon Museum.

The Pergamon Museum is the most visited museum in Germany, with its rebuilt historical buildings and other archaeological findings from Babylon (Iraq) and Asia Minor (Turkey). The museum has large sections of the original Pergamon Altar, the Market Gate of Miletus, and the Ishtar Gate, which was one of the original walls of Babylon. The Ishtar Gate is made of glazed bricks, fired with special molds, so that when constructed they form together in relief to reveal mythical hybrid animals (dragons, birds, snakes and scorpions) and lions.

The Pergamon Altar is second-century BC; the Market Gate of Miletus is 120 AD, and the Ishtar Gate from Babylon is circa 575 BC. They are massive in size, and even more massive when you consider the scope of the original projects. What you see is just what remains.

The reason the Germans own these pieces, and not Turkey or Iraq, is because of an agreement made when the Germans originally excavated the archaeological site.