C/O Berlin

C/O Berlin is a photography gallery located in a former post office, hence the name, C/O (care of).

There were photographs from Yale photography professor, Gregory Crewdson, and also more than 140 Polaroids from the recently deceased German photographer, Sibylle Bergemann.

The photographs from Crewdson, for the most part, were staged, and many of them were large-format, which was great, but staged photographs often are like eye candy to me: They are nice to look at, but they leave me feeling unsatisfied, or at least unsettled. I am impressed with the amount of patience that goes into staging such large-format photos, though.

During the video interview that accompanied the exhibition, Crewdson spoke of his team, and how it's a large team but how he still feels that photography is an individual expression, but for me, part of the joy of photography is its solitude. It seems like it would be a drag to have an entire team of people working with you on a photo shoot; however, I suppose it's necessary for his work, and to each his own: Crewdson's photographs are impressive, even if a bit unnatural.

The Polaroids from Sibylle Bergemann were simply incredible. I've never seen such thoughtful photographs taken with Polaroids. After seeing her work, I was not surprised to learn that she used to rub elbows with Henri Cartier-Bresson, Helmut Newton, and Robert Frank.