Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie was the most disappointing travel experience I've had in quite some time. My expectations weren't high, because I wasn't even planning to see it, at least not then, but while walking nearby I saw a sign for Checkpoint Charlie, so I walked two blocks out of my way.

Two blocks was one and a half blocks too far out of the way, for what you get.

Checkpoint Charlie was the most famous of the crossings between East and West Berlin. Today the original building is located in the Allied Museum, and at the original location there is a replica checkpoint building, manned by German actors pretending to be American soldiers, posing for photographs if you're willing to pay. It's tacky and completely forgettable.

Fortunately, across the street, I was able to sample my first of what will be many currywurst: German sausage, sliced into pieces and seasoned heavily with curry powder and ketchup.

I'm staying in a Turkish neighborhood, where good food is also plentiful and cheap.