Brick Lane, London

On my last full day in London, I revisited Brick Lane to get my fill of curry. I tried at least four different curry shops on Brick Lane alone, and another one or two in the West End. The Indian food in London wasn't quite as good as what I had at Chungking Mansions in Hong Kong, but it wasn't far behind, especially the creamy coconut curries, the names of which I can't recall.

During the six weeks I spent in Europe, it rained probably almost every other day: Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, England; it rained in every country I visited. I expected July and August in Europe to be hotter. It was never unpleasant, almost always mild, and with little humidity.

It's my understanding that Brick Lane is typically more crowded than it was this past week or two, but, because of sporadic rioting elsewhere in London, people may have been hesitant to visit Brick Lane, which has its own history of sporadic unrest and violence dating back decades.

Brick Lane was my favorite neighborhood in London, although I never did make it to Brixton.

Brick Lane, London: Scanned from 200-speed Tudor film, expired in May 2008 but not exposed or processed until last week; I rated the film 160 instead of 200, and overall it looks OK, I think.