Jakarta vs. Bali

I arrived in Jakarta late afternoon yesterday, and I am already back at the airport. There was only one thing I heard repeatedly about Jakarta; well, two things actually, the other being that it is dirty: traffic, traffic, traffic.

So I didn't get to see much of Jakarta besides the inside of my hotel room. I arrived hours early for my flight to Malaysia this morning, because I'd been told that the trip to the Jakarta airport could take anywhere from an hour to two hours or more. With no traffic it took me less than 40 minutes.

I'll spend the day in Malaysia before taking tonight's red-eye to the Netherlands.

So here I am, in the Jakarta airport, where there isn't much to do at eight in the morning besides eat fried rice and/or chicken for breakfast. No thank you.

From the backseat of the taxi, Jakarta did appear dirty, congested, and frankly not all that appealing. I did wonder, though, where Obama lived when he lived in Jakarta.

I'd return to Bali or Gili Meno, but I'm not sure I'd ever want to return to Jakarta.