Gentse Feesten (Ghent Festival)

It was an easy train ride from Amsterdam to Belgium.

I arrived yesterday evening in Ghent, as it is spelled in English, or Gent, as it is spelled by Dutch-speaking locals. French-speaking locals (Belgians speak either Dutch or French) call it Gant.

It is an old city with all the charm of Amsterdam, even more so, but none of the crowds. There is a 10-day festival held her, annually, for the past 175 years or so. It is called Gentse Feesten. Last night I saw a Belgian band called Balthazar perform. All of their songs were in English, which I suppose is a necessity in Belgium if you want to make a global career out of your music.

Today I visited a local musuem with an extensive collection of photography, including a current exhibit on documentary Belgian photography (i.e. Belgian photographers working around the world). One of the photographers on display was Carl de Keyzer, one of the few Magnum photographers from Belgium. His were photographs from the Siberian prison system and culture.

(Ed: The photography exhibit was called, In the Margin, and was at the Museum Dr. Guislain, which in addition to photography featured a permanent collection exploring psychiatry.)