From Paris to Berlin

When I wasn't exploring the many museums of Paris, I was exploring its neighborhoods and landmarks: St Germain Boulevard, Bastille (especially Rue De La Rocquette and Rue Poppincourt), Rue Oberkampf, Triumph Arch, Eiffel Tower, Cathedral Notre Dame, Hotel De Ville, Cimetiere Montimarte, Place Vendome, and plenty of time walking the banks of the Seine River.

After nearly a week in Paris, I made it a point, on my final day, to revisit Rue St Andre Des Arts, a small street in between St Germain Boulevard and the Seine River, to eat some of the best food I had while in Paris, Lebanese street food. My final choices on how to spend my final day were to either eat that Lebanese food again, or visit the photography museum a second time. It was a close call, and if I wasn't hungry right now I might say I made the wrong choice.

I almost didn't find the Lebanese place. I visited the wrong neighborhood, Bastille instead of St Germain, and only on my way back to the hotel to retrieve my bag before heading to the train station, after I'd already eaten somewhere else, did I accidentally stumble upon the Lebanese place. So I ate a second time, even though I was pressed for time. After 13 or 14 hours on an overnight bus, I've arrived in Berlin, where today it is a rainy and cold summer Sunday.