Balinese names: Wayan, Dewi

In the Balinese language, Wayan (pronounced Why, not Way) means first-born.

At least half of the men you meet in Bali are named Wayan. At my friend's villa in Sanur I've met four security guards, three of whom are named Wayan. When I was on the Gili Islands, whenever someone asked me where else I'd been in Indonesia, or where I was going next, I'd say, I'm staying in Bali with my friend Wayan; you know Wayan? It was usually good for a laugh.

I've also noticed the name Dewi (Day-we) quite a bit, a bit like my name but in Bali it's a name only for women. My friend Wayan told me that it's not really a Balinese name, but it's common on the island. It's probably from a nearby island or community or slightly different dialect.