Sanur, Bali

I arrived in Sanur, Bali at four-thirty this morning, just in time to hear the roosters crow.

Bali is apparently the only Hindu island out of more than 17,000 islands in Indonesia.

I'm staying at my friend's villa, a half-block from Sanur Beach, which is where the Dutch invaded in 1906, and where the Japanese invaded during World War II. I heard that when the Dutch arrived in 1906, the Balinese knew they had no chance against the stronger force, so many committed suicide en masse while others were slaughtered by Dutch gunfire.

I haven't been down to the beach yet, but I don't expect to see any Dutchmen smoking spliffs. Here in Indonesia they might lock you up and throw away the key. Or hang you.

The villa is spacious and gorgeous: two stories; two bedrooms with a third bedroom in the guest house; a living room with, on three sides, floor-to-ceiling sliding wooden doors that open up to the grounds, which include a pool, plenty of native plants, and traditional Balinese sculptures.

Sanur, Bali villa; main house.

Sanur, Bali villa; guest house where I'll stay, near the front entrance, which is off to the left.

Pool in Bali.