Making friends in Indonesia

It can be a bit too easy to make friends on Gili Meno. There is not much to do, and almost all of the people who live there are originally from nearby Lombok, moving to Gili Meno only to earn money for themselves and their families. When work is slow, they get bored pretty easily.

Naeteets is the guy on the left, 20 years old. He has never been to school, ever, and works for about a dollar per day (16-hour shifts). He loves anything colored black or white, so when I showed up wearing a ratty black-and-white-checkered hoodie, he befriended me immediately, and more than once asked if I'd give it to him. Had I had more than one sweatshirt with me, I might have (although to be honest, probably not, because, of all the hoodies I've ever worn, it's my favorite). He also wanted my boardshorts and sunglasses. Instead I bought him a bracelet.

He invited me to go to his hometown of Lombok with him, to climb trees and find coconuts, but I was ready to get back to Bali. Maybe another time. It sounded fun to travel to Lombok, where 'I will get you 50 coconuts, 100 coconuts, 500 coconuts, all the coconuts you want!'

Naeteets: Tree-climber and coconut-gatherer.