Korean baseball: Lotte Giants vs. Hanwha Eagles

After leaving Beijing, I'm in South Korea for one week, en route to Bali, Indonesia. During this visit, I attended a Korean baseball game and visited the Busan Aquarium. After having turned down free tickets to see the San Francisco Giants play in the World Series this past year, I can't say I was thrilled to watch the Lotte Giants of Busan play the Hanwha Eagles of Daejeon. It was OK.

In Korea, the pro teams are named for companies (e.g. LG, Samsung, Kia, Hanwha, Lotte).

Korean baseball is almost like American baseball: equally boring but with less talent. Actually, having less talent makes for more unexpected moments (e.g. errors) and my biggest gripe with baseball is not the speed at which it's played, but the lack of diversity in its execution: touchdowns and soccer goals come in all shapes and sizes, but a home run is a home run, and a double is a double, and a single is less interesting than people-watching in the concourse.

There are also different snacks in Korea (e.g. dried squid, or red beans on shaved ice).

During the seventh-inning stretch, Giants fans in Busan take Lotte shopping bags and tie them on their head, like plastic-bag bubble hats. Strange but I'll say this: Lotte Giants fans are passionate, cheering and remaining until the end of what was a blowout loss. Korean players aren't as good as their American counterparts, but Korean fans are at least as good or better.

No trickery! The twilight in Busan really was that vibrant and beautiful.

Lotte Giants; Busan, South Korea

Lotte, Lotte, Lotte! They practically own Korea. How long before the New York Yankees are called the Google Yanks?

My girlfriend informing me that I'm supposed to be in the photo with her.