Jingshan Park; Beijing, China

Jingshan Park is a hill across the street from the Forbidden City, in Beijing.

Jingshan offers a better experience of the Forbidden City than the Forbidden City itself: You know, it's that whole you-can't-see-the-forest-if-you're-stuck-in-the-trees kind of thing.

Jingshan Park is where the Chongzhen Emperor committed suicide, ending the Ming Dynasty in 1644. He was 33 years old. He killed himself because he saw the writing on the wall: Uprisings in China had reached the point of no return. Before he hanged himself, he first arranged a feast for his imperial family. When they arrived, he killed all of them with his sword, except for one of his daughters, who deflected the blow and lost only an arm.

Jingshan Park; Beijing, China.

Chongzhen Emperor hanged himself from this tree.