Japanese spider crab in Busan, South Korea

The aquarium in Busan is small and relatively expensive, but its collection of sea life is actually pretty impressive. Although not up to par with the Monterey Bay or Baltimore aquariums, it's probably better than most American aquariums. You can also go diving with the sharks, for 80,000 KRW ($73.92 USD) with no diving license required, but I didn't learn that until after my visit.

My favorite was the Japanese spider crab, which I'm not sure I'd ever seen before. They have the largest leg span of any anthropod known to exist (more than 12 feet, although this guy appears more modestly sized) and they can weigh more than 40 pounds.

The Busan Aquarium also had a few impressive sharks, and some cool giant turtles.

Japanese spider crab in Korea.