Gili Cat: Bali, Gilis, Lombok

I took the roundtrip from Bali to the Gili Islands and back. If I were to do it again, I'd probably fly, or maybe even take the public ferry if not pressed for time (takes about 12 hours).

The Gili Cat does the trip in about 90 minutes. When they say it's a fast boat, they're not lying. They run full speed, despite the winds, despite the current, and at times it feels like you're in a shoebox being shaken by an angry giant. Things were falling off the captain's console, breaking on the floor. More than a couple times the jerk was so strong you were lifted off your seat, full into the air. I never felt seasick, per se, but even without any nausea I still felt sick, with a headache from all the jerking around. For a good 10 minutes or so, it was so rough I held onto the seat in front of me, tightly, afraid if I let go I'd get bounced around and smash my face into something. I had this vision of me losing a third of my teeth. The Gili Cat is quick but unpleasant.