First day in Bali

My first sampling of Balinese food was impressive: whitefish rica rica. Rica comes from the Manado Malay language, and its word for spicy, or chili. The whitefish rica rica was local whitefish topped with a spicy sauce made with onions, and served with white rice and green beans.

Before arriving in Bali I had heard that Indonesia people have a reputation for being a bit relaxed with their work ethic, perhaps a bit lazy and unreliable, perhaps not so efficient, albeit friendly. My friend's brother described it to me as, They're certainly not German.

At the end of my street in Bali, toward the Bay not the Ocean, there is a sign for the German Consulate, which is on the same street. Across the street from the sign for the German Consulate is Swastika Restaurant. The swastika has long been associated with different Eastern religions, but it's bit disconcerting to see Swastika's across the street from the German Consulate.